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CX Strategist role/responsibilities. 3-5 years experience in a CX/UX role:

  • Depending on tactic/project, will help direct focus on CX vs. UX (primary role will be CX)
  • Ensure customer is at forefront of all communications
  • A shared responsibility with other team members (Campaign Lead and Business Analyst) to focus tactics/messaging on the customer – enables the team with the ability to focus on customer.
  • Develops deep understanding of customer needs, wants, and motivations. Will work in close collaboration with Marketing Research team.
  • Champions the desired interactions between the product/brand and its customers
  • Identifies pain points for users and recommend solutions
  • Helps users understand: “Do I understand what I am interacting with?”
  • User Design expert for the team (usability, interaction design, information architecture, user research, prototyping, accessibility – font size, color contrast etc..)
  • Maintains knowledge of trends in latest experience design, user interface, and technology trends.

Needs to be:

  • Curious and ready to challenge the status quo
  • Comfortable working in an Agile/Scrum environment
  • Excited to be at the epicenter of a client’s digital transformation and want to support its goals.
  • In the right mindset. Open, curious, patient with an ability to see the long-term vision, not just the short-term pain points.
  • Autonomous, proactive, collaborative and dynamic. Someone who takes the initiative!
  • Creative and a strong sense of design.
  • Experienced working in Health/Pharmaceuticals or comparable industry with similar legal/regulatory constraints

Contact:  Justin Dahm  630-730-9139   jdahm@itauditsearch.com