Quickly providing cost-effective "right fit" candidates for contract or full time positions.


We believe that candidates are clients too, and we treat them as such.

Registering with I.T. Audit Search shortens a candidate’s time to get their qualifications and experience in front of our recruiting team and allows the candidate to apply for positions through our web site which includes a listing of our priority openings.

I.T. Audit Search helps candidates identify meaningful career employment opportunities via our outstanding contacts nationwide.  We assist our candidates to go beyond the job listings and staffing agencies to find the management and executive leadership positions that will improve and advance their careers.

We are proud of how we treat our clients and candidates and of what we achieve for them, which is the true measure of our performance.  Our clients and candidates are why we exist. Everything we do is to help our clients find superior talent and for our candidates to realize their career aspirations.  We are only successful when these goals are achieved.

Through the I.T. Audit Search web site, candidates can easily enter their resumes into our global database to be confidentially notified of new opportunities for their consideration.  I.T. Audit Search does not share candidate resumes with anyone without the candidate’s prior knowledge and authorization.

Please register your professional credentials now by submitting your resume using the Submit Resume link.