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Law of Economic Crime class starts today!

Just started the final class in the Financial Crimes Investigator certification program at Utica College today.

This looks to be a very interesting class covering the Federalization of economic crime, corporate criminal liability,

frauds involving financial institutions, Mens Rea, frauds involving technology, investigations and prosecutions, sentencing

and sanctions, and international investigations / enforcement.  Once certified I will be launching a new business segment

offering fraud prevention program development and financial crimes investigations to corporate clients.


The  Utica certification program consists of the following courses:

Law of Economic Crime – class started 08-26-13
Fraud Detection and Prevention – “A-” grade
Forensic and Investigative Accounting – “A”grade
Economic Crime Theory (White Collar Crime) – “A” grade
Economic Crimes Investigations – “A” grade
Network Security – “A” grade
I should complete the certification October 18, 2013.
GPA: 3.95 on 4.0 scale


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